84. Something from Nothing – 11 Things to Do In Order to Create a Solid Business Fast

You are laid off, your business fails, you get divorced, medical costs, basically any cataclysmic event and suddenly you have to create something from nothing.  Could you do it?  Could you get back on your feet in thirty days or less?  As heart wrenching as life tragedy is, know that you are more powerful, resilient, and stronger than you may realize.  If you were suddenly in a position where you had to build a business to generate revenue find hope in knowing that there is a formula; there are the 11 things to do in order to create a solid income stream in 30 days or less.

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About the Author:

Susan Sly is a marketing specialist, bestselling author, keynote speaker, certified NLP practitioner, coach, and tech investor. Susan specializes in helping people become more productive so they can lead ridiculously fulfilling lives. She is the mother of five and has been working in human potential for over two decades.
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