Think and Grow Rich For Women

A very special Step into Your Power ™ Call as Susan Sly welcomes Camille Lawson.
Camille Lawson – RN, Sexuality, Hormone and Health Consultant

listen3NY Times Best Selling Author, Sharon Lechter, CPA, is Susan’s guest on the Step Into Your Power ™ podcast series.

Sharon is well known for her partnership with Robert Kiosaki – author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Together they wrote 15 books in the Rich Dad Poor Dad series. Her newest book, Think and Grow Rich for Women, hits shelves this June.

In this podcast, Sharon discusses why women sabotage themselves with money and what they can do to turn things around. This is the idea behind her book – Think and Grow Rich for Women. 

Listeners will also receive the link to over $900 in free gifts when they pre-order her new book. Do not miss out.

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