Susan’s Insider Secret to Stop Overwhelm: The Principle of 5

Be happy expert Susan Sly principle of 5 insider secret

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success”. Swami Sivananda

Stop overwhelm!  People are not organized when they are overwhelmed.

When you are in overwhelm, it is challenging to take action and to even think about beginning a project. Stop overwhelm now to start being productive today.

Watch Susan’s video as she explains ‘The Principle of 5’ and the freedom that it can create for you.

4newnZx7_reasonably_smallSusan Sly is a Balanced Living Strategist.  She has appeared in Rise of the Entrepreneur, on ABC Family Television, Lifetime Television and more.  She is the author of The Have It All Woman and the upcoming book – Organize Your Life.  Susan, and her husband, Chris, are the parents of five children.  Susan is available for speaking and media appearances.  Visit

Organize Your Life For Home-based Business Owners

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 Are you a home-based business owner looking to get more organized and take your results to the next level?  Do you sometimes struggle to get everything done in the day?  Does your schedule run you or do you run your schedule?  The truth is that many talented entrepreneurs do not get paid what they are worth because they are too disorganized.

We would like to teach you how to Step into your Power ™.

On Tuesday, Sept. 15th , multiple seven figure home based business entrepreneur, Susan Sly, will teach an 8 week live interactive webinar allowing you to learn effective organizational strategies from the comfort of your own home.

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