Work Life Balance Expert Susan Sly Releases New Episode on the Topic of Burnout on Her Step Into Your Power™ Podcast

Speaker, Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author Susan Sly has released a new podcast addressing the issue of burnout and how to overcome its effects.

Scottsdale, AZ. — April 7, 2016— Best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur Susan Sly tackles the topic of burnout in her latest podcast and shares with her audience 8 key strategies to deal with burnout for both men and women.

According to Psychology Today, “Burnout is not a simple result of long hours. The cynicism, depression, and lethargy of burnout can occur when you’re not in control of how you carry out your job, when you’re working toward goals that don’t resonate with you, and when you lack social support. If you don’t tailor your responsibilities to match your true calling, or at least take a break once in awhile, you could face a mountain of mental and physical health problems.”

Susan elaborates, “Today, with the world moving at light speed and no end to the daily list of to-do’s, it is no wonder so many people feel burned out. What does your ideal life look like? Maybe there are some changes you need to make.  Where is it that you can take some responsibilities you have have now and decommit?”

You can listen to the entire episode here:

It can also be accessed on iTunes here:

About Susan Sly: 

Susan Sly is an author, speaker and entrepreneur. She has been featured on Lifetime Television, The CBN, ABC Family, The Morning Show in Australia and in the fall of 2015 will appear on CNN, Fox and CNBC. She is the author of several top self help books including the highly acclaimed book about women having it all – The Have It All Woman and Organize Your Life. She has co-authored the best selling book – Soul II Success with NY Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul – Jack Canfield and is working on another book collaboration featuring Sir. Richard Branson. Susan has also been featured alongside Rich Dad Poor Dad Author, Robert Kiosaki, in the movie – Rise of the Entrepreneur and in Sharon Lechter’s Book – Think and Grow Rich for Women.  

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