Overcoming Challenges In Life

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Overcoming challenges – sometimes it feels like there is just no solution to what life throws at you.

From time to time, we all feel like life can be too much to take. Yet, the strong keep getting up and put one foot in front of the other until suddenly, we are moving forward again.

Overcoming challenges in life is not always easy but it’s always fulfilling and empowering.

“Eat, Breathe & Sleep The Solution” – Susan Sly

Are You Struggling? Overcoming Life’s Challenges
(Jeffery Boyle interviews Susan Sly for Networking Star)

Everyone goes through life events that rock their world, whether it’s a job layoff, illness, bankruptcy, divorce, massive debt, etc. But overcoming challenges such as these is possible.

In this blogcast, Jeffery Boyle interviews Susan Sly, a Balanced Living Strategist, and discusses the steps we can take to overcome challenges in life.

Watch the blogcast and learn more…

Susan – a leader among women entrepreneurs – is a work life balance and balanced living expert. She is an author, speaker and self made millionaire. She has appeared on ABC Family, the CBN, written for Dianne Magazine, Oxygen Australia and many more.

Susan dedicates time to philanthropy and projects that benefit women and girls all over the world.

She is married to her best friend, Chris, and together they have five beautiful children.

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