Organize Your Life Course: Featured Student

Organize Your Life Course Featured Student: Scott A 


“Managing your time without setting priorities is like shooting randomly and calling whatever you hit the target.” ~ Peter Turla

Before taking the Organize Your Life Course with Susan Sly my life was the complete opposite of organized…

Before the Organize Your Life Course, I operated in total chaos and disorganization. I would forget appointments, double book appointments, not leave any personal time for myself, and just made my life much more difficult than it was required to be. I had no actual workspace that I could call my own, so I never had the home base that I truly wanted. I was in desperate need of a change. 

Since taking Susan’s Organize Your Life Course, my life has completely changed. I have my appointment book color coded and scheduled. I have not missed or double booked an appointment. I have left 2 hours a day for “me time”, which I so deserved. But most importantly, now that I have a work space at my condo to call home, I have had 2 back to back 5 figure months for the first time in the professional network marketing career! I could not of achieved this success if it wasn’t for Susan and her Organize Your Life course. Thank you Susan for being the amazing, inspirational, and motivated leader you are. 

Scott A

scott oyl after

Scott’s Workspace After OYL program

scott oyl after 2

Side View: Scott’s Workspace after OYL

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