Organize Your Life – 2014

Are You Ready to get organized, focused,
and on track so you can finish 2014 strong?

Dear friend,

You know, it wasn’t that long ago that my life was a complete and total mess. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, my goals were always out of reach. It wasn’t my work ethic, I worked my butt off. It wasn’t the economy, it wasn’t even my industry, so what was it?

What was stopping me? And more importantly what may be stopping you from achieving your goals and living the life of your dreams?

Well, quite honestly. Success is not a mystery, it’s not hard, it simply involves taking the same simple, fundamental action steps on a consistent basis.

In all my years of business and sales training, and even my own direct experience of being a mother of 4 who owns and operates multi-million dollar businesses, one thing has always stayed the same. Success, money, peace of mind, and results come more easily to those who are organized.

Without proper organization we lack mental clarity, we lack focus, and it’s close to impossible for us to create a concrete plan to move our life in the direction of our destiny.

That’s exactly why I created the Organize Your Life 6-Week Group Coaching Program, to assist you with creating this plan for yourself so that you may achieve your full potential.

The turning point for me, and what allowed me to go from a broke, single mother, to a self-made millionaire, happily married to the man of my dreams, was the ability to get organized.

Today, I’m sought after by people all over the world who want to take their businesses and their lives to the next level. Many of my friends say I have a knack for helping people “get it together”.

Also, this may sound “geeky” but I am passionate about organization! Seriously, I love it, I love the difference just taking a few small action steps on a daily basis has done for and continues to do for my clients and partners.

I’m sure you feel the energy around the new year! Many people say this is their year but very few are willing to take the proper action steps necessary to make that a true reality.

With that being said, I’m looking to bring on a handful of new clients/partners who want to make this year their absolute best. People who want to THRIVE in all areas, people who want more out of life, people who want to improve their relationships, their bodies, their spiritual connections.

This is a holistic course and I’m only looking to work with people it resonates with, so if that is you, I encourage you to check out the awesome bonus I’m giving away with the course, and to sign up ASAP. Seats are limited and they will go fast!

I look forwards to taking this journey with you,

Susan Sly

Mompreneur, Self-Made Millionaire, Author, Speaker & Mother of Five

P.S. You don’t have much time, as soon as this class fills up I’m closing my doors on this program and will not be re-opening until next year. So sign-up today!

Introducing:Organize Your Life

During This Course You Will Learn:

  • Fast and easy techniques to release your resistance, procrastination and fears about getting organized.
  • How to use the power of intention to define what you want to be, do and have in your home and in your life.
  • Tips to clean, declutter and simplify each space in your home.
  • How one student ‘found’ $17,000 due to the secrets taught inside the course.

…and so much more!

Check out what others are saying aboutOrganize Your Life

Susan Sly is a natural and munificent teacher.

Susan’s Sly is a natural and munificent teacher. The viable and sustainable systems offered in her Organize Your Life Teleseries addressed the ‘real life’ concerns that were hindering my personal and professional success. For the ‘Have It All Life Pyramid’, ‘creating a clearing’ and my favourite…’binder filling!’, I am grateful to Susan Sly for her guidance in reaching my goals.

-Lisa Peacock Boyuk

Susan’s ‘Organize Your Life’ class is inspirational!

Susan’s ‘Organize Your Life’ class is inspirational, proactive and profitable! Learning how to truly breakdown my daily schedule has been a major breakthrough for production and profit in my Enterprise. I have been inspired to celebrate small daily victories and have attracted like minded Entrepreneurs into my life. Thank you for an exceptional class and a outstanding return on my investment!

- Kim Players

Thank you Susan Sly!

Reflecting on recent success in my business and a breakthrough in my mindset, I found that much credit can be given to the skills I learned and developed in this course. Being organized and disciplined was lacking and so very required for the rank advancement in my business that I desired and deserved and achieved! Thank you!

-Andrea Frassoni

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My 60-Minute, Tell-All Business Presentation

Filmed LIVE in Las Vegas, Susan Sly rocked the stage, and left many of the audience members in tears of JOY.

This presentation contains nuggets of wisdom, inspirational stories of personal triumph, and practical tips on how you can create a deeply satisfying lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones!

Watch a snippet of this 60-Minute, Tell-All Business Presentation below.

When you sign up today for Organize Your Life you will get instant access to the full video presentation

Organize Your LifeCLASS SCHEDULE

  • Class 1 – Wednesday, Sept 17
  • Class 2 – Wednesday, Sept 24
  • Class 3 – Wednesday, Oct 1
  • Class 4 – Wednesday, Oct 8
  • Class 5 – Wednesday, Oct 15
  • No Class – Wednesday, Oct 22
  • Class 6 – Wednesday, Oct 29

Classes will be held on Wednesdays from 12:00pm until 1:00pm EST, beginning on Wednesday September 17, 2014.

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Organize Your Life

6-Week Group Coaching Program

Hurry! Seating is limited and spots are filling up fast!


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