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5 Minute Life Hacks: Use the Five Principle

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Life hacks are shortcuts – things we can do or use – to help us maneuver the things that come up in our daily lives quicker and easier.

The Five Principle is one of my favorite life hacks.

This, for me, is my saving grace to prevent overwhelm.

When I have a day with a lot of things going on, I know that I can handle five. Whether it is putting on some old school eighties music and returning emails for five minutes, dealing with five pieces of mail, meditating for five minutes or working as a family to each find five things to donate, toss or recycle – five is very manageable.

To keep clutter at bay and productivity high, continue to ask yourself, ‘What can I get done in these five minutes?’

Another great question is, ‘What five things can I accomplish right now?’

If you are in sales, ask yourself, ‘Who are five people I can set appointments with?’

Five is so manageable.



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Susan Sly is a Balanced Living and Productivity Expert. She is a best-selling author, leader among women entrepreneurs, and has been featured on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Lifetime and more. She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Chris and is a mother of five children.

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