Productivity Tools: My 3 Must-Haves You Must Try

3 Productivity Tools You Should Try

productivity tools to be more efficient and be more productive

There are so many productivity tools out there that can make your life easier and more efficient.  Running multiple businesses and also maintaining a house and 5 children, I’m always being asked what I do to stay so productive?

There are, however, such a variety and volume of productivity too choices that it be overwhelming simply trying to figure out the best one(s) to use. I have certainly not tried all of them, but I have experimented with several.

Enjoy the following video of my 3 must-have productivity tools for greater productivity.

lady-phoneMorphie – Morphie is the next generation of universal power. Charge virtually any USB device with morphie and stay connected anywhere you go. Find your power without the hassle, especially for those constantly on the run.

plannerAt A Glance Dayminder – I know… really? A paper planner? Yes, you must have a paper planner! Have you ever been locked out of the cloud, had your computer crash, or lost your wi-fi? The paper planner is the perfect back up for the inevitable technology hiccup. I keep mine with me at all times and I’d be lost without it.


taxbotTaxbot – Automatic mileage tracking, digital receipt storage, autosafe™ reports, and even a tax education center are main features of Taxbot. Take the headache out of keeping tax records and make yourself audit proof. Founder Sandy Botkin has graciously agreed to give the SIYP Family an extra bonus when they use the referral code taxplan. This will upgrade you to premium services plan, a $120 value. 

This includes:

– Access to a tax hotline where you can call and ask tax questions.
– Audit assistance if you do get audited.
– Extra educational experiences throughout the year exclusive to this class.

Work Life Balance Coach

Susan Sly Work Life Balance Coach

Susan Sly is a best-selling author, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur.  She specializes in helping individuals, and organizations, become more productive.  She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband, Chris.  Susan is the mother of five children and loves her life! To connect with Susan visit.

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