Make Tax Savings Easy with the #1 Tax Coach in North America

“Saying ‘my accountant or my spouse takes care of my taxes’ can be equated with saying ‘my doctor takes care of my body’ or ‘my mechanic takes care of my car’. It is very critical that YOU get your tax affairs in order.” -Sandy Botkin

 Join Susan Sly and her special guest Sandy Botkin in this very insightful interview.   Sandy is known as the #1 Tax Coach in North America.

Prior to joining the Tax Reduction Institute, Sandy spent three years in the tax department of the international accounting firm, Touche Ross. He has extensive financial and legal experience, including five years as a legal specialist in the Office of Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service.

Sandy has authored numerous technical articles for national publications, lectured to various professional and trade groups, and has served as an Adjunct Professor of accounting and law at the University of Maryland and Columbia Union College. Mr. Botkin’s outstanding teaching ability has consistently earned him excellent ratings. In fact, Mr. Botkin was one of eight attorneys selected by the Internal Revenue Service to train all new attorneys to the Internal Revenue Service’s Corporate Tax Division.

Sandy has spoken at such organizations as Robbins Research (an Anthony Robbins Company), Harv Ecker programs, many financial planning organizations and the National Association of Realtor convention. In addition, he has spoken to a number of insurance companies such as State Farm, Northwestern Mutual, etc., medical and dental organizations, and for many network marketing organizations. He has also appeared before various media such as Fox Business news.

Mr. Botkin is a member of the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He is also a “Distinguished Real Estate Instructor” and is listed in “Who’s Who in Business.” Sandy is the author of the bestselling book “Lower Your Taxes Big Time”, and “Real Estate Tax Secrets of the Rich” which are available at or Barnes & Noble.

sandy Sandy has developed an application called Taxbot to assist business owners.  You can learn more at (use coupon code taxplan to save)

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