Jessica Leichtweisz

When I started Organize Your Life, all I wanted was more money. I wanted to go to bed and not wonder if I would be homeless if I lost my job. To be honest, at that time, I couldn’t see past that. I had no idea that being disorganized was costing me in terms of my relationships, my finances, my health, and most importantly, it was preventing me from being the person I truly am and was created to be. My bank account was down to double digits. The fear of what would happen to me if I lost my job kept me up all night, every night. The stress of living in chaos had taken a toll on my body. I had gained weight and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. I was so close to giving up. Then a friend suggested I take a course called Organize Your Life.
I made a commitment to myself to be “all in” while I was taking this course. I decided to dedicate one hour each day to applying the principles I learned in the class. I took a look at all areas of my life and faced things I had been afraid to face in the past. I began to make small changes; these small changes compounded and produced really big results. Looking back at my process, what made it so easy was the love and support I felt from Susan and from the other students in the group. Everyone genuinely wanted each other to succeed. Susan taught in a way that made it really easy, and I felt taken care of, not judged. When so many people are committed to a cause greater than themselves, the entire universe collaborates to make it happen. That’s what happened for me.
All I wanted from Organize Your Life was to increase my income. What I got was my life back. I recognize now that it was the best time and monetary investment I ever made because it was an investment in myself. Organization is a process. I continue to take Susan’s courses because I learn something new every time, and because honestly, I don’t have it all figured out yet. I am off to a great start, but I am still in the process of creating new habits. What I do know is that getting organized took me from where I was a year ago to where I am today. I continue to stay committed to the process. As Susan says, “I can be, do, and have anything I dream.” And I dream really big.

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