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Fire Yourself Everyday: Would You Hire YOU?  

From punctuality to attitude to willingness to grow – would you hire yourself today?

If the answer is, “No,” then there are two choices: step up or step down.

Our clients, customers and team members, lose trust if we cannot be the person we would want to work with.

Every day make a decision to be the person you would want to hire and watch how you increase productivity and how profits soar. (excerpt from Want Entrepreneurial Success? Fire Yourself Everyday.)


business coaching tips from susan slySusan Sly is a best selling™ author and winner of the Editor’s Choice Award for her work on Soul to Success II with NY Times Best Selling Author, Jack Canfield. Susan is an entrepreneur and her company, Step Into Your Power™ is dedicated to helping busy people lead more balanced and productive lives. This fall she will appear on CNN, CNBC and Fox. To find out more about Susan visit

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