Positive Thinking Affirmations – Negative Thoughts? Affirmations Shift Your Perspective

Positive Thinking Affirmations – Negative Thoughts?

Affirmations Can Shift Your Perspective

Positive thinking affirmations have been proven to transform our thoughts. When we begin to shift our thinking toward the positive, we become powerful magnets for improved health, finances, self-esteem, relationships and more.

We have the power to change our thoughts.

Inherently, when we change our thoughts we change our lives.

Positive thinking affirmations are an effective tool to shift you from negative to calm, positive and productive thoughts.

What will your affirmation be?  Let us know in the comments below or on our fan page at www.facebook.com/susanslylive.

positive thinking affirmations from Susan Sly - work life balance expert

About Susan:

Susan is a balanced living expert. She is an author, speaker and self made millionaire. She has appeared on ABC Family, the CBN, written for Dianne Magazine, Oxygen Australia and many more. Susan dedicates time to philanthropy and projects that benefit women and girls all over the world. She is married to her best friend, Chris, and together they have five beautiful children.

Affirmations for creating a Powerful Life

powerful affirmations and positive thinking affirmations for a powerful lifeEmpowering affirmations designed to create positive, transformational thinking.
This audio is appropriate for audiences of all ages.

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