Champion Margaux D.

building self confidence was easy for this woman margaux drake

Big Shout Out To Margaux D.

So proud of this beautiful woman.  Research has proven the many benefits of meditation for our physical and mental health, but it is truly amazing to see the real results like this from one of our Champions, Margaux.  She has adopted the Shift as part of her daily routine and has made great progress.  Way to go Margaux!


“I’ve recently added daily meditation to my repertoire of personal development. When I saw that Susan Sly, one of our top income earners and industry leader, had a new series of meditations called The Shift, I purchased them all. Success leaves clues. Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from THE BEST?

These meditations have helped me remove perceived limitations in my life and open new doors of potential and possibility. Naturally, as a result, I am far more productive with a clearer vision of my goals and my future. Every morning I step into my POWER with Susan and get in STATE for the day. It’s made all the difference.”


To get The Shift Meditation  click here.

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