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Three Things Achievers Do Before Bed

What is it that sets people apart? How can some people consistently achieve greatness, while other seem destined for mediocrity? And there is more to it than just being born with a silver spoon. In fact, many of the greatest achievers and wealthiest people came from humble or disadvantaged beginnings – Oprah, Tony Robbins, Ralph […]

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OYL Champion: Jessica L.

This week’s champion is Jessica L. Jessica has been a student of Organize Your Life for years, and she has become a model for self empowerment. Her dedication to growth and will to succeed has inspired us all. We are so grateful to be on this journey with her. She consistently embraces the process of […]

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Epic Fail: Why So Many Small Businesses Don’t Survive

How many small businesses’ fail? According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn. However, the Small Business Administration published stats that say about half of all employer establishments survive at least five years and a third survive ten years or […]

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Brand Building and Social Media – 4 Keys to Using Social Media Effectively for Business

Social media – we love it and we hate it; we need it and we wish we never had to think about it ever again. Many of us definitely have a love / hate relationship with social media on a personal level and even more so, as it pertains to business. As social media relates […]

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Congratulations OYL – Organize Your Life – Class

Week 1 of our Organize Your Life class was a complete success!!! The homework for the week was all about how to begin to get organized by purging the excess and creating a clearing. So many students turned in great pictures and videos of their work, and we celebrate these victories with you. Everyone should […]

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6 Easy Time Management Tips Anyone Can Use

The right time management tips and strong time management strategies can help you organize your life and get back in control so that you can have it all! Do you remember back in grade school, looking up at the clock, praying for the hands to speed up? Inevitably, that never happened, of course.  If anything, […]

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