You CAN have it all! With the right guidance and strategies, you can achieve self empowerment, greater productivity, and work life balance.

Susan Sly - Balanced Living - Work Life Balance ExpertSusan Sly is a best-selling author, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur. She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Lifetime Television, The CBN, The Morning Show in Australia and been quoted in Forbes Magazine Online. Susan is the author of 7 books, including Have It All Woman and Organize Your Life. Her latest book project with NY Times Best Selling Author, Jack Canfield, made six Amazon Best Selling lists.

As an athlete, Susan has completed the Boston Marathon 6 times and placed Top 10 in the Pro Division of the Ironman Triathlon in Malaysia. Susan is passionate about philanthropy and has dedicated a significant amount of time and money working to liberate girls from trafficking and invest in education to support women and girls who have survived trauma and abuse, both domestically and overseas.

Susan is the mother of five children and resides with her husband in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A Message from Susan

Let’s get real for a moment. We all want to achieve positive results in our lives and frankly, if wanting it were enough, everyone would be successful. In 2000, I went from being an elite triathlete, a business owner, and a local media personality to getting diagnosed with MS, losing my business and ending up sleeping on my brother-in-law’s sofa. Imagine, for a moment, the humiliation of going from someone who people sought for advice to someone who was over $100,000 in debt, a single mom and essentially the person who no one would have pegged for a comeback. Not only did I transcend those tough times, I came back stronger and I made it my mission to teach people how to avoid the mistakes I had made by not having my priorities straight.

Today, through my classes, live events and mentoring programs, my focus is to teach people how to become more productive, see very clearly the messages they are putting out to the world, the realities they are creating for themselves and lead much more balanced, fulfilling lives. Is it easy? NO! Then again, most things that are worthwhile do not come with the word ‘easy’ attached to them. We have to be willing to do the work.

My wish for you is that you begin to see the possibility within you. You do not have to be a victim of circumstance; in fact, you can be a victor of your circumstance. I would love for you to connect to the Step Into Your Power™ community, acquire some new strategies, and make a commitment to make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

The Step Into Your Power™ Community

Step Into Your Power™ is an entire community with the sole focus of equipping people with the tools necessary to help them become more productive and thus lead much more ridiculously fulfilling lives. Through organizational skills, prioritizing, and learning how to maximize our time, our energy, and our assets, we can truly begin to free up space in our lives – space to dream, play, create and be present. In our company, we believe that balance doesn’t happen as a 24/7 destination – it happens in moments and our objective is to help you deliberately create more of those moments.




Get Organized. Get Productive. Get Results.

Susan Sly