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Are You Ready to Organize Your Life?

So many people struggle with differentiation between their personal and their professional lives. It can be tough to juggle the demands and needs of those closest to us with the necessity of generating income. The truth is that when we get more organized, we become more productive. When we become more productive, we create the results we are seeking. When results begin to occur, we feel more fulfilled, and this is the cycle. (Imagine how much more you can accomplish when you simply organize your office and organize your home!)

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Looking for self help skills and assistance overcoming low self esteem or need to know how to be more confident? Check out Susan's latest strategies to help you achieve work life balance, personal empowerment, and live the life of your dreams!

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Have you ever wondered if you were meant for greater things? Have you ever felt that if you could just experience that one personal breakthrough, then everything would fall into place? Have you ever stopped to wonder, ‘what if?’ and then caught yourself feeling paralyzed by your own reality? It happens to all of us; however, we believe that the life you dream is yours to claim and that through coaching, training and mentoring you can be, do and have everything you dream.

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How Positivity Leads to Productivity

SIYP TEAM | January 18, 2017 | 4 mins 26 secs read

I recently read Harvard researcher and TED Talk super guru, Shawn Achor, discovered a correlation between positivity and productivity.  In fact, his research concluded that people who are positive tend to be 31% more productive.  (Watch Shawn Achor’s Ted Talk)  Take a moment and consider the notion that you could inevitably get an additional 31% […]

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moving forward

A 3-Step Process to Increase Your Productivity in the New Year

admin | January 17, 2017 | 3 mins 21 secs read

You now have a plan to increase your productivity in the new year. You also know exactly where you are going. Now, you need to chart the course. You’ll begin by returning to each of the six balanced living quadrants and the individual goals you will take to increase your productivity in the new year. […]

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Stop the Insanity!

SIYP TEAM | January 11, 2017 | 2 mins 42 secs read

As someone who specializes in mentoring people to achieve greater work-life balance and become more productive, I want to get out my pointy shoes and declare loudly – stop the insanity; booking appointments by multiple modalities is a surefire way to stress you out.   Consider this for a moment: * The average American spends […]

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